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Skype phone

Friends and colleagues on Skype have been plagued the last few days by phone calls from me, because I have finally got a Skype phone. This is a UK mobile that has a big Skype button in the centre of the keyboard, and enables me to text or phone anyone I’m in touch with by Skype–many of whom are in China–at no cost. The lines have been excellent, and it’s been a treat to be the first person I know with a Skype phone. Even my social-media tech friends haven’t migrated, but I’m sure we’ll all be using VOIP before long. Perhaps not free, but with better international capacity, I hope. I can’t use the phone in Germany, for example, though apparently it’ll work in Austria, and Ireland. And they are not available in the United States.

Here’s what a Skype phone looks like.  I paid £50 for mine.

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