>Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair

I’m disappointed that my photo of our booth–with autumn leaves and a big photo of the Berkshire hills as well as Chinese lanterns–hasn’t appeared. Technical problems, I’m afraid, have plagued me, but I did succeed in getting my new Skype phone to work during the last minutes on the runway at Heathrow on Monday, so once I’m back in the UK I am going to be using VOIP in a whole new way. In any case, the Frankfurt Book Fair is so big that I need every minute I have to walk and talk. This afternoon’s booked with meetings and events at the China hall (Hall 6.1), and I’m hoping to visit Germany, too (Hall 4.0). There are 10 halls, and no need for extra workouts–one walks miles every day here.

US politics are of absorbing interest here. I was the only American at dinner last night, but people seemed completely familiar with all the details of our presidential election, and well-informed about the candidates, and their running mates. There seems no question, from what they tell me, that their fellow citizens would vote for Obama. They are disappointed that I do not live in a battleground state, and are extremely nervous about the days ahead, until 4 November. A German colleague said that the election of Obama–of a new person, and a change of party–was the hope of the world.

Anyway, better than my blogging is that of Richard Charkin, whose Macmillan blog is now available in a book (http://www.panmacmillan.com/titles/displayPage.asp?PageTitle=Individual%20Title&BookID=416977), and who is blogging about the Fair at F.A.Z.-Blogs (http://faz-community.faz.net/blogs/charkin/archive/2008/10/15/day-two.aspx).

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