>Interview in Library Journal

Interview in Library Journal

The interview I did a few weeks ago – titled, “It’s the Content, Stupid” – appeared today in Library Journal and got me to stop work for a minute to look for the little sign that I made in 2004 to put above my desk. I typed, “It’s the content, stupid,” on a piece of card because I was so tired of conversations about new media (that is, online reference) that neglected to take the message into account. The sign’s around here somewhere, I’m sure, along with the Chinese lanterns I want to take to the Frankfurt Book Fair in two weeks. Things are gradually surfacing after the move. At least I can easily remake the sign (though the idea is so deeply ingrained now that I don’t need it). The moon festival lanterns are going to be trickier to replace, though I’m hoping a colleague can bring some from China. Or, says Tom, he’ll pick up a few in Chinatown this weekend.

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