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Stupid Answers

Search is fairly good, on a basic question like mine this morning, “best ways to ship to England.” I decided to look at Yahoo Answers because I’d just read that it is the most popular Q&A system on the Web. Well, if this is the best information available in this popular format, on a really simple question, publishers and writers shouldn’t worry! What a waste of time–and how striking that people who have nothing to add nonetheless add it.

By the way, I was asking this question, as I sipped a cup of tea and pondered the sales outlook, because we have a new representative in the UK, Deborah Harman, director of Publishing Sales Solutions. Deborah’s just sent out a press release in the UK about our arrangements, and writes:

“I am very excited to be working with Berkshire Publishing. Karen Christensen, CEO created this company and is the driving force behind a very exciting and innovative publishing program specialising in global issues and 21st-century trends. They are young, dynamic and quickly becoming very well known for providing high quality information on China and sustainability. Karen is an inspiration to many and I’m really pleased to be working with her and her team.” Deborah has been working in senior business development roles for academic publishing organisations for over 15 years, and will direct Berkshire Publishing’s sales and marketing operations in Europe and parts of Asia.

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