>>Test video from the Berkshire Blog

Test video from the Berkshire Blog

Karen's first go with the webcamI’ve been endlessly frustrated about not knowing how to get some video on our site, and somehow got started down this primrose path today. I’ve spent more time than I should have, but I think I’ve managed to record a video clip, add title, and upload it to YouTube. Now I have to come up with something worth listening to. At left is the photo I also managed to take with the webcam. That’s a set of yoga ropes by the window, and the lack of curtains isn’t because I’ve just moved in, but what is intended to be Shaker-style simplicity. Given my current obsession with finding ways to keep the house warmer this winter, I may be hanging the thickest curtains I can find at a tag sale or thrift shop.

Having trouble getting the YouTube screen to show up, but here’s the link.

What may be more fun are clips from some TV shows I made in England 20 years ago. We’re getting them digitized, and now that I have achieved this technical mastery of the video medium, a succession of clips of me as a young “green mum” will be going up.

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