>Berkshire’s Patterns of Global Terrorism appears on the big screen

Berkshire’s Patterns of Global Terrorism appears on the big screen

Well, not that I could see. I finally got around to watching The Kingdom but there were no books in evidence, even in the brief scenes that took place in offices. Watch this film for the most unrealistic fighting scenes since Steven Seagal. Enjoyable, especially if you like to pull a film’s logic apart afterwards. I like to think that our Patterns of Global Terrorism was on a desk in one of those office scenes, giving a sense of realism and credibility to the actors who were preparing to tackle Middle Eastern terrorists (and who did so, in spite of their lifelong desk jobs, with admirable aplomb). Or maybe it was used for research. In any case, you may be interested in seeing a product request from a film company:

From:    mukashi@comcast.net
Sent:    Wednesday, May 24, 2006 12:47 PM
To:    Karen Christensen
Subject:    Book Placement

Dear Ms. Christensen,

Hello. My agency researches and licenses set decorations for motion

I am currently working on a new Jamie Foxx film for Universal Studios,
“The Kingdom”, directed by Peter Berg (“Friday Night Lights”) and co-
starring Jennifer Garner and Chris Cooper.

I would like to use “Patterns of Global Terrorism” on a bookshelf, and
wanted to request permission, as well as a dummy or original copy.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

Philip T. Edgerly, President
The Mukashi Collection, LLC
PO Box 3878
Crofton, Maryland 21114-3878
T 443.994.9550 / F 410.510.1577

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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  1. Kim 12 May 2009 at 11:30

    I’d like to know who Phillip T. Edgerly is and what he has to do with copyright…why does he contact people about it?

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