>Berkshire featured in Publishers Weekly article

Berkshire featured in Publishers Weekly article

China Gold coverIt’s great to get coverage anywhere, but to have an excellent article in Publishers Weekly timed to coincide with launch of China Gold is a especially wonderful. PW’s New England reporter, Judith Rosen, has been there for some time and it’s really good occasionally to pick up our conversation–and then to see this article, “Berkshire Goes to China,” result from it. I think I often sound breathless with excitement when I talk about the business, and this time Judith made me laugh by pointing out gently that it was going to be hard to fit all the stuff I was telling her about into one article. But she’s done amazingly well!

It’s accurate, too. and my name is spelled correctly (I was long ago told not to complain about any press coverage as long as they spelled my name right). But I think this might be the time to mention that David Levinson is my ex-husband now, and to explain that after contributing greatly to Berkshire in its early days he has returned to research and has no ongoing connection with Berkshire Publishing.

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