>Tibet’s Image in the Modern West

Tibet’s Image in the Modern West

One of the the things I haven’t got to of late is putting together a collection of articles on Tibet for free download, to provide the history and context needed to understand what’s been going on there. But I have put one article, “Tibet’s Image in the Modern West,” into a blog page so you can take a look. This is rather unusual as an encyclopedia article – I don’t know whose idea it was (sometimes authors propose topics) – but this is clearly an important topic, and the article is a fine example of the kind of cultural analysis Berkshire likes to include in its encyclopedias. Here’s a little from the article, and a link to the full text:

Commercial factors have also encouraged the production of colorful images of Tibet, with publishers responding to the continuing demand for accounts of the esoteric aspects of Tibetan culture. That demand seems to spring from a human need for fantasies of place and from the sense that this imagined Tibet might possess the cure for the perceived ills of Western society.

From “Tibet’s Image in the Modern West” by Alex McKay.

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