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Joseph Stiglitz’s recommendations on a sustainable growth strategy for China

The world historians call it synchronicity. Whether that or good fortune or coincidence, how perfect it was just now to come across this  piece about a speech recently given by Joseph E. Stiglitz on the BiMBA (Peking University Business School MBA Program) website. I’ve been reading Stiglitz’s bestselling Globalization and Its Discontents this weekend, taking note of his observations about China in particular. Here’s the speech: “Towards A More Sustainable Growth Strategy For China” given on 20 March 2008. The book is terrific, by the way, and is helping me frame a major new reference project for Berkshire. It’s also making me aware of how much I do not know about how international banking and finance work, and how every 21st-century citizen should have a basic literacy about global money flows and about the IMF and World Bank, organizations designed to prevent economic crises.

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