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Bad Pando

We’re in the midst of lots of content delivery and everyone is moving graphics files hither and thither (once we find the damned things). I decided to try a platform called Pando, a kind of at-home FTP service. Here’s what I just wrote to the company:

I was happy to try your product, and liked the performance on the file I transferred. But it messed with Outlook (what’s with searching my contacts list?) and didn’t accept my edits to preferences–I wanted to have it there when I wanted it, not in my face all the time. So, regretfully, I have uninstalled. And I’ve warned off the friends I’d been recommending it to!

One question: were they just being honest, in that I got a warning message every couple minutes that a program was trying to search my Outlook contacts, where other companies put it in the licensing agreement and do it without check? Surely that must be how LinkedIn and Facebook can recommend people I might know. But why a company offering file transfer services would be searching my contacts is another question.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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  1. Ramit Hora 22 April 2008 at 16:56


    Pando is a program that is used to send email and as such the program allows you to access the contents of your address book when you use it. It does so using the standard Windows Mail API, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAPI

    Pando does not upload your contact list to our servers like Facebook and LinkedIn as you imply above. Allowing address book lookup is a basic feature of the program that has been present for 2+ years and has helped users be more efficient. They do not have to re-type every address when using Pando, but can select recipients from their existing contacts.

    I believe your firewall application is set to a high security setting which is why you are being warned. Please feel free to contact me or Pando Support if you have any further questions.



    QA Manager
    Pando Networks

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