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Blogging for Beijing

Guanxiblogs.comSome people love blogs, other people hate ’em. As always, I am somewhere in the middle. At least I know what they are. When I saw an entry called “Blogs” in the article list for Berkshire’s 2005 Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, I said, “What’s a blog?” Trust me, no one let’s me forget that question. Nor do we forget Tom’s comment when I said I was going to start a blog back in 2004. “Oh, Mom,” he said, “blogs are sooo 2002.”

In Scottsdale I was asked about plans for more social networking at our website, and I said I was nervous about starting certain things because I wasn’t sure just how fast they might multiply and how many challenges they might throw up when we’re in the midst of finishing a couple of time-sensitive publications. But in the course of talking to friends afterwards about the group blogs project, I realized that I’d got almost everything in place for expanding our China-related blogs and that they, like the books, are time-sensitive. So I’m working today on getting all the pieces together–I’ll overcome my fears and press that Send button.

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