>Vanity, vanity

Vanity, vanity

Guardian Review: “On the Trail of T S Eliot’s LettersIt’s been the worst of times – with e-mail slow down at our hosting company because of a new anti-spam system – and the best of times, with amazing progress on all too many fronts, especially with our China publications. All this, combined with the suggestion of a cold as well as the tantalizing hints of spring in the air, have made me a little intense. (Other people in the office doubtlessly have other ways to describe my tone!) I’ve resisted writing a post about a bizarre experience last week with a big big publisher, because I would really have been too scathing about them. Instead, I’m going to exhibit another vice, vanity, by showing the promotional page for the Guardian Review, described as offering “comprehensiveness and authority with flair, accessibility and wit.” That’s my story about the T.S. Eliot Letters you see as the illustration. One of these days I plan to find a little time to write more about literary things – but for now it’s all China and sustainability, subjects I don’t suppose Eliot gave much thought to.

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