>More praise for Google?

More praise for Google?

No, I have not tasted that sweet, jewel-colored, and utterly nutrientless liquid since childhood. I still have queasy thoughts about Google controlling the world’s security cameras (I think I posted a link to the YouTube clip a while back). But today Google’s cache feature – and Tom’s quick reminder – saved the day.

China Gold: China’s Quest for Olympic and Global GloryRachel is away at college and Trevor has been out this week, so I was without HTML expertise, but wanted to get an overview of Berkshire Publishing’s China projects online as I sent a Year of the Mouse e-card to our many China and Guanxi contacts. Because we have a neat website system that lets me add and change content quite freely, I thought I’d just whip something up myself.

What I hadn’t reckoned on was the challenge of getting all the book jackets uploaded and set correctly. Back and forth I went between Dreamweaver and our own system, trying to work out the kinks. At one point I went to the page with my bio to see how the image coding worked there, and a few minutes later, forgetting that I was at that page and not at the page I want you to see now, Berkshire China Publishing, I copied in my perfect code and pressed SAVE.

I needn’t tell you how I felt – you’ve probably been there yourself once or twice. Then Tom piped up, “We can get it from Google. They crawl pages every few hours so we’ll find the old one.” He searched on “Karen Christensen Berkshire,” clicked on “Cached,” found the original we needed. Right click, “View Source,” and there we were. Only one problem: the search terms are highlighted. I’ve left them for the moment, as a reminder of my folly. I’ll see if Dreamweaver can do a quick clean-up. But not today!

Do take a look at our new China overview – there’s much coming this year, including the glorious China Gold, which you can see here. Page samples and much more, including special prepublication offers, coming shortly.

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