>Bloggers against plagiarism

Bloggers against plagiarism

Plagiarism is plague that challenges publishers like us and of course presents a challenge for anyone who writes and publishes online and wants their creative and intellectual effort to receive due credit (and not to be changed without their knowledge or consent). I hear endless comments about the lack of concern about intellectual property rights in China (that and lead in toys seem to be the main things many people have absorbed from the news) but not a lot about how copyright is viewed in India, so I was interested to see this comment from a group of Indian food bloggers:

Now, what do you say when huge media giants like Yahoo! India resort to violation of copyrights by lifting content from blogs without seeking permission or attribution and publishing it on its portal? Recently, Yahoo! India launched a Malayalam Language Portal and copied content from a Malayalam food blog, Kariveppilla of Suryagayatri without her consent and published it on Yahoo’s Malayalam Portal. Read all about the details of the violation of copyrights by Yahoo! India. Its unfortunate that Yahoo! has resorted to publish lifted content provided by its vendors and silently remove the content without owning responsibility nor apologizing to the blogger.

In light of the above situation, we bloggers have come together to protest against this content theft. Hopefully Yahoo! will have the integrity to respect the work of others as it expects others to respect its work and apologize.

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  1. Jonathan Bailey 6 February 2008 at 9:57

    The comment you’re referring to is actually from this time last year. It was a big deal then but it was seemingly resolved by most accounts. However, there has been a serious problem with plagiarism from India. However, a lot of that is due to better detection and better networking by Indian bloggers. They work together, read each other’s work and report violations.

    I haven’t heard any major news on this front in some time, spam issues seem to have come to the forefront. Still it is very interesting to study how plagiarism is viewed across the globe.

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