>Sourcebook: Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

Sourcebook: Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

As I listened to the other presentations at the Nurturing and Commercializing Online Communities conference in Shanghai, I found myself thinking about human-computer interaction and how apt it is that this topic was the focus on Berkshire’s first solo publication almost three years ago (and therefore, of course, very much in need of an update, which is being planned). The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction is available full-text free online this month, and it’s fun to see what we said, only three years ago, about blogs (“Weblogs”) and online communities (a wide variety of articles, put together by section editor Barry Wellman, a leader in this field). Take a look at Berkshire’s Exact Editions.

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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction

Page 591

I’ll upload some conference photos and give an overview of the discussion, but need a little time to reflect on just what I learned, and how Web 2.0, and social networking generally, are approached in China. No one apologized for saying “Web 2.0” as we inevitably do at U.S. and European conferences, being sick of hearing a term that has no precise meaning.

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