>Guanxi with savoir faire from Exact Editions

Guanxi with savoir faire from Exact Editions

I’ve written about our book launch with Exact Editions. Now, as our flight to Shanghai is boarding, I’m going to copy a post about a new Exact Editions experiment:

Adam Hodgkins of Exact Editions has a way with words, like so many of my British publishing friends–even those in science and technology, thankfully. (So much for the two cultures.) I asked if he could put an issue of Guanxi: The China Letter up using their magazine platform. He has done so, and made it utterly painless for us. But even better he’s helped me understand something about a PDF in this Exact Editions blog post about content serving. I was asked the other day if our PDF page files have “underlying ASCII” (or something like that). I love to appear technically knowledgeable but this kind of thing crops up endlessly; I answer without being 100% sure and hope for the best. Obviously, though, we not only have underlying ASCII but Chinese Unicode, too! Take a look, free access till the end of the year: “Olympics Countdown” issue and supplement of Guanxi: The China Letter.

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