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Guanxi with savoir faire from Exact Editions

I’ve written about our book launch with Exact Editions. Now, as our flight to Shanghai is boarding, I’m going to copy a post about a new Exact Editions experiment:

Adam Hodgkins of Exact Editions has a way with words, like so many of my British publishing friends–even those in science and technology, thankfully. (So much for the two cultures.) I asked if he could put an issue of Guanxi: The China Letter up using their magazine platform. He has done so, and made it utterly painless for us. But even better he’s helped me understand something about a PDF in this Exact Editions blog post about content serving. I was asked the other day if our PDF page files have “underlying ASCII” (or something like that). I love to appear technically knowledgeable but this kind of thing crops up endlessly; I answer without being 100% sure and hope for the best. Obviously, though, we not only have underlying ASCII but Chinese Unicode, too! Take a look, free access till the end of the year: “Olympics Countdown” issue and supplement of Guanxi: The China Letter.

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