>Viral publishing and social media

Viral publishing and social media

It’s been pleasant this week to get a couple of requests to publish things I’ve written about social media. There’s a lovely symmetry or circularity in this, as it’s networking and online media that brings this work to the attention of book and magazine publishers. “True Believers and naysayers:exploring the world of social media,” published in January in the SIIA magazine Upgrade, is going to appear in an Indian professional reference book about Social Media in February. The publisher is called Icfai and wrote me an extremely nice letter asking for permission. The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (Icfai ) runs Icfai University Press, a combination that intrigues me because several people have suggested Berkshire start an institute or collaborate with a university–or even start a university! (How about Barrington University? Sounds good to me.) And my piece about mash-ups is going to appear in a major industry magazine in January–details to come.

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