>Getting ready for Shanghai

Getting ready for Shanghai

It’s absurd that I am having trouble finding time to blog because I am so busy getting ready to go to Shanghai to talk about corporate blogging. Unlike some people who start a blog and then find themselves desperate to stop, I love writing these little pieces. But I am trying to make “Focus” my mantra, and that’s meant buckling down to work for hours straight on a single project. I’ve found this a remarkable experience. Over the weekend I spent seven hours doing what I’d thought was a little work on our forthcoming China Gold. No wonder I’d hesitated to start going through articles and working out details of what remains to be done. It’s a wonderful project, written by sports experts and edited by former swimmer Fan Hong, now a senior scholar in Cork, Ireland. But it’s no trivial thing, creating a popular book that will introduce readers to Chinese history, culture, and perspectives, as well as to Ping-Pong and tai chi. We’ve now got a cover design and the pages are being put together, but there’s a lot of work yet to finish it up. We’ll be meeting with the photo house in Beijing shortly, and that’ll be a big step. Fortunately the design and composition team that put together our much-praised Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love is also doing China Gold.

Once marching orders for China Gold were written, I turned to plans for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China and related 2008 China projects, wrote a review of Mr. China, and generally immersed myself in things Chinese. All good preparation for my next job, the inevitable PowerPoint for my sessions at what is being billed as the first Web 2.0 conference in China. I agreed to talk about blogging, and found that I’m also moderating the last panel when we got the program. Here’s what I’ve got to do:

Case Study: CEO Blog

Karen Christensen, CEO, Berkshire Publishing Group

  • Why I Decided to Write CEO Blog?
  • How to Balance Privacy and Public Life?
  • What Effects It Has on Berkshire?

Panel Discussion: Web 2.0’s Influence to Enterprises

Karen Christensen, CEO, Berkshire Publishing Group (Moderator)
Carole Boudinet, Manager Collaborative Work Solution Center, AB Volvo
Jacqui Zhou, Manager of Direct2Dell Chinese, Dell Inc.
Dean Tan, Senior Manager, Oracle Asia Research and Development

  • Explore the Technologies and Philosophies of Enterprise 2.0
  • Rebuilding Corporate Culture
  • Improving Corporate Flexibility and Communications
  • Application across Different Functional Areas within
  • Enterprises
  • Transforming Organizations into a Vibrant, Collaborative
  • Environment
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