>Disney’s portraits of America

Disney’s portraits of America

This line in the newspaper caught my attention the other day, “U.S. Government Partners with Disney to Welcome International Visitors Portraits of America to be Featured in International Arrivals Areas, U.S. Embassies and Other Venues to Welcome Visitors to the United States.” Here’s the article. It’s good to see awareness that the United States needs to work on improving its image, but I’m not sure a film is going to make up for the tone of signs – and staff – in airport arrivals. I find myself irritated by those who greet me, in the U.S. Citizens line, with, “Welcome home.” Why not just welcome everyone (with proper security in place, naturally), instead of creating a sense of separate identity? I feel this all the more strongly after hearing the story of a British friend’s 14-year-old son who was left alone in a detention room for two hours because he’d arrived with a passport that had been through the washing machine more than once!

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  1. Charlie Terry 25 October 2007 at 8:10

    Since when is PR and/or marketing such an awful thing? The whole point of PR is to define and get your message out, rather than letting others doing it for you…think Osama, the press, one-issue candidates, etc. Your point on the agents…well taken…the message needs to be consistent…but how many times a day can you say “welcome home” with enthusiasm when you’re getting paid next to nothing!

    No matter how hokey the Disney piece might be to those returning home, it’s probaly a better choice for welcoming visitors than the welcome message in Costa Rico…huge signs that say if you came to have sex with our children, plan on staying here…in jail for a really long time. I wonder what the agents there were thinking when I walked through those lines!

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