>A night to believe (yes, Red Sox again)

A night to believe (yes, Red Sox again)

No reason I shouldn’t be blogging about sports, given my publishing and also editing some of the major reference works on the subject, but those who know me may be surprised to find that I was up until midnight watching the Red Sox last night. But I’m under pressure, now that it’s been made clear that my loyalty to the Sox must be unrelenting and incontrovertible.  (Like that of everyone I know in Massachusetts, it seems. I just had a call from a friend in Great Barrington, a professional woman, who said in passing, “Well, after the game last night….”) The result is that I’ve been texting Liz to prove that I am watching, and in return last night, I got this photo from Fenway Park, taken moment after the Sox clinched a trip to the World Series. (As ever, apologies to international friends for that event name.)

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  1. Karen Christensen 23 October 2007 at 4:40

    Here’s how passionate Red Sox fans, across the country and even across the globe, can be: http://sfredsox.blogspot.com/. I’m going to pull up our issue on fan loyalty and post it!

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