>Go Bosox (and no mercy for the Yankees)

Go Bosox (and no mercy for the Yankees)

It’s clear that I simply have not grasped the seriousness of the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. You’ve got to remember that I did not grow up on the East Coast. I love sports, but the passionate attachment people here feel is something that, as yet, I just don’t get. I’m trying. Be patient.

Here’s what Scott Eldridge, until recently gainfully employed here at Berkshire and now a layabout graduate student in Copenhagen, wrote:

Karen, if you can get BBC world today (online you can stream it) you can hear a whole story on China that focuses on the idea of Guanxi…
overseas growth, etc…

And, for the record, I read your blog post on the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox and your split loyalties, and I hope it was just pandering to your New York friends and not eschewing your Massachusetts loyalties. I’m over here following the Sox from afar, waking up to either the happy results, or devastating losses, and they can color my whole day accordingly. A few weeks ago I saw an older guy, maybe early 60s, downtown, wearing a Red Sox cap. It was the day after the Red Sox rookie Clay Buchholz threw a no-hitter and I was looking for someone to share the joy with. As I stood next to him waiting for the crossing light to change, I asked him “lave jer lige den rød sox og baseball” … do you like the red sox and baseball? … let’s just say, judging his look back and response (quickly-spoken Danish in not so warm sounding tones) I think he just liked the colors of the hat, and ever since I have carried on as the only real Sox fan here (there’s one woman who has lived for a few years Boston in my program, but she just wants me to tell her how they’re doing and when she should wear her red sox shirt … not exactly a super fan.)

Anyway, the BBC’s China coverage has been good this week.

Take care, and Go Bosox!


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