>Howard Rheingold speaking about cooperation in London

Howard Rheingold speaking about cooperation in London

I now can send photos from my phone straight to the blog, using Flickr. I think I can write a text message to be the post, but I haven’t figured out how to give it a title, instead of the clever “Multimedia Message.” (Apologies – I’ll work this out, as we’ve worked out the widget insertion. Trevor discovered that I need an extra full blank line in the blog post code, before the widget code I’ve copied, to allow WordPress to read it correctly.) Perhaps I can use the subject line in my SMS. In any case, I now wish I’d done this from Berlin, too. Here’s Howard Rheingold, speaking at a NESTA event in London last night. Howard and I have talked about the publishing possibilities in his Cooperation Project and the timing was great for his overview on the subject. He is the author of the influential book The Virtual Community, and also of Smart Mobs. NESTA is the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts and the program (or programme) was entitled, “What sparks innovation?”

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