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Vincent Cerf, cofather of the Internet

Don’t you love that, “cofather of the Internet”? That’s how Vincent Cerf has been described, and today he is the Chief Internet Evangelist at Google. We were delighted when he agreed to write about the “Interplanetary Internet” for one of Berkshire’s new projects, the Encyclopedia of the 21st Century. I’m in Berlin today and getting ready for this morning’s panel, “From Networking to Community,” which has me thinking about the evolution of online media and the different things it accomplisheds. One of my favorite websites is, which isn’t exactly Web 2.0, I guess, because it’s not anyone’s videos. But it is definitely cool. And that’s not just because of the topics it covers or people it features – including Vincent Cerf, who looks quite grandfatherly – but because of the way the content is managed. Take a look at the transcript and search features at – this really is intelligent design!

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  2. i’m doing a project on Vincent Cerf and i’m trying to find a way to contact him to get his personal opinion on somethings. if you have or know of a way to contact him please let me know thank you

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