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There’s going to be more about encyclopedia creation here than you’ve seen in a while because I have recently been plunged into the maelstrom of some fascinating projects that I was previously observing from some distance. You might think this is tedious work, or extremely academic. In fact, it’s first and foremost about dealing with people. And because at Berkshire we’ve dealt with thousands of specialists over the past 10 years, we often turn to people we’ve worked with before. But as staff changes, it can be difficult to keep track of important personal details (knowledge management, of course). I did find notes on the scholars who contributed to and served as editors for some past work, and thought I would share them–on the understanding that we know not all authors have been happy with us, either! I’m planning to do a survey of all our past contributors soon, and no doubt we’ll get some suggestions for improving how we do our jobs. The recurrence of plagiarim in these notes startled me; it’s a topic I think I’ll be coming back to soon.

  • very meticulous editor; sometimes too meticulous
  • not good at following instructions and refuses to use email; hard to contact and very high maintenance
  •  tardy
  • difficult; impatient about money
  • very responsive; can write lots of short articles on Korea topic in little time; very prompt
  • seems to have plagiarized most of his articles; did not respond when confronted
  • good editor; very easy-going and not too picky
  • very tardy
  • very nice and accommodating, but her grasp of English is very poor
  • does not write all that well and is nice but way too nice too much unnecessary correspondence from him; high maintenance
  • deceased
  • very poor command of English
  • unresponsive; tardy
  • very nice and prompt; not sure about quality of writing
  • might have plagiarized many of her articles; denied, when confronted
  • did not like copyediting and then became very difficult and abrasive
  • wrote a number of articles, but after work had gone to typesetting, told us he might have plagiarized one of his articles
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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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