>The China track

The China track

I’ve been focusing on China for the last couple of years, and have become used to the look of bewilderment on people’s faces when they find out that my business is based not in Beijing but Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Berkshire has long emphasized international relationships and global understanding. (In fact, one of the the first reference projects I worked on, when I came back to the U.S. from London, was the Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations.) Developing publications that are designed to help students and professionals understand China is a natural extension of that effort. How thrilling it is to be invited, as a result of this work, to become a member of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations, a astonishing group of senior China hands. Do take a look at the National Committee’s website, and especially at the video conference from their recent China Town Hall, a simulcast run in 30 cities across the United States on 31 May.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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