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Bloggers but not Second Lifers

Debbie Weil & Karen Christensen, Washington DC, 17 May 2007All roads once led to Rome, they say. Today all my roads lead to China. I had lunch on Thursday with Debbie Weil, author of the Corporate Blogging Handbook, and what do you suppose we talked about? China, naturally. (That is, after our kids – Debbie’s daughter just got married, something that’s still a while off for me, d.v.)

Debbie is a corporate blogging expert – in fact, she’s the corporate blogging expert – and her interest in China has been made practical, and tactical, by the forthcoming publication of a Chinese edition of her book. She and a European colleague are planning a China speaking trip in October and have set up an extremely attractive website for the China Blogging Tour.

Please do note the Olympics pin I’m wearing in the photo: I was given this by Anne Forbes-VanNest at Citizens Bank in Boston, who works on their China initiatives. And you can download Debbie Weil’s excellent advice on blogging, in this free pdf for subscribers to her newsletter (also free!). It’s an updated 7 Blogging Tips, a succinct and practical 24-page overview of how to approach and manage corporate blogging. Plenty of good advice there for non-corporate bloggers, too. Debbie kindly features this blog as one of her models, and points out that I am one of the few female CEOs who blogs.

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