>The China frenzy

The China frenzy

A colleague here in DC wrote me that the China frenzy in this town in incessant, and for someone like me it’s quite intoxicating – even though the law school short course I got this morning was a little overwhelming: WTO cases, subsidies, surges and safeguards, and respondent law. Pete Kasperowicz, editor of the excellent Inside US-China Trade, was kind enough to introduce me to a bunch of his favorite people (and sources), from breakfast right through lunch, with stops across town. Definitely guanxi, this. I met Pete through Scott Eldridge, who’s been working for us for a year in Great Barrington and previously worked here for Pete. At the moment, I’m just trying to get a handle on who the players are. There are trade associations, lobbyists, journalists, think-tanks, universities, and government people, and I need to get to know all of them. (Except maybe lobbyists. One has to draw the line somewhere.)

But China stuff needs to go on my GuanxiBlog. So here’s some wonderful news about Global Perspectives on the United States. We’ll be collaborating with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies on an event next month to look at this subject, with some of our authors, including Francisco Gonzales AIS who wrote on Mexican perspectives, and perhaps other experts too, to help us look at how this subject will influence the 2008 presidential elections. We’ll be doing this while the American Library Association is in town, with the idea of introducing reference librarians to some of the people who enable us to create important new publications.

By the way, the tour with Pete began at the Old Ebbit Grill, a DC institution. I got there first and a man came over with his hand out, “Good morning, I’m Tony.” I was a bit disconcerted, but it turned out that Tony is the host or maître d’, and what a lovely start he gave to my day. He took my bag (my rolling office), got me settled, and gave me a choice of papers. Happily, I have another breakfast date there tomorrow!

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