>Do as I say . . .

Do as I say . . .

Remember that line from your parents? “Do as I say, not as I do?” My favorite variation is my commando brother’s line about “walking the talk or talking the walk.” In any case, I plead guilty. I have been, amongst other things and betwixt trips to New York and DC, working on guidelines for our new GuanxiBloggers, China specialists who will be writing for and with us. (One of the key points I make is that posts can be short and should be frequent. But I have two fairly long reports on events to post here, and haven’t found time to wrap them up. Hope to do that on the train this afternoon, and in the meantime, I hope Frank Yu, a new blogger from Beijing, will not follow my bad example! You can read his first posts at GuanxiBlogs.com/FrankYu. Frank is a journalist and a keen photographer, and his blog is going to be a great look at life in China today.

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