>Green sex again

Green sex again

I’m thrilled to have The Armchair Environmentalist selected as the first book feature on a new website called Green Is Sexy. Thinking back to my early days as an environmentalist in London, I have to say that green wasn’t very sexy at all. But I have made it my mission to make environmentalism sound a bit more appealing – in a variety of ways. It was fun when an article in the Observer picked up the line, “Have more sex. It’s a natural, free, low-tech form of recreation and a good form of exercise.” (I could have phrased it better. How about, “Make love not toxic waste”?) In any case, this latest seal of approval is much appreciated.

And in the spirit of springtime, and Earth Day, here’s the “Green Sex” section from an earlier book, Eco Living. (Just so you don’t think I am too frivolous, I should mention that the next section was called “Dying Green.” I guess that’s the right sequence: Living, Loving, and Leaving.)


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