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Not yet Twittering in Hong Kong

This is more of a Twitter than a blog post, but it’s such a silly situation I can’t resist recording it. I’m sitting in bed looking across Hong Kong harbor, working on this afternoon’s presentation on doing business in China (a subject I know more about all the time, but I am also increasingly aware of how much I don’t know) while icing my knee (I got a bit overenthusiastic with my yoga yesterday) and Skyping with Ed Keating, VP of the SIIA Content Division, about plans for next week. We have a conference call tonight; we’ll see if I make it, after the 2-1/2 session this afternoon. My cospeaker Matthias Wahls of Brill, arrives this morning from the Netherlands. (Note: this is 120 words and 665 characters including spaces, where a Twitter post is, like a text message/SMS, only 160. Could I ever be that brief?)

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