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No money no talk

I’ve been reviewing the next issue of Guanxi: The China Letter, focused on intellectual property. That’s made me especially alert to signs in the markets related to faux goods, and I thought I’d share these. But don’t ask me to explain why there would be a translation from Chinese of the word sh*t in a list on the wall of the Silk Market.

Some of the photos I’m posting are 200K or more. This breaks Trevor and Rachel’s file size rule, but I figure that you’re going to want to be able to read the words here. I liked using a blog program called Zoundry because it would place a thumbnail photo and all the viewer had to do was doubleclick to see a big version. I need to ask Trevor if WordPress will do this to–or I could even test it myself. . . . No money, no talkHow to tell real pearls

Later. As you can see, he did. Doesn’t look as pretty, but it is faster to load. Just doubleclick the image to see the full thing–in this case, it’s really worth the trouble.

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