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Is it in the genes?

I’ve been checking through photos taken on the trip and was editing this one of Tom’s trying a chicken’s foot at our morning tea with Ellen Wong when I remembered that Ellen had taken a similar snap of me last year. I managed to find it, and thought I’d share both. I’ve been exchanging messages with a couple of my foodie pals from SIIA, with whom I’ll be having one of our regular dinners in a couple weeks, mostly about the strange things I’ve tried, or seen. (I may not be daring when it comes to speaking Chinese, but I guess I do want to be considered a daring eater.) But I remind myself of how strange Western foods seem to an Asian palate, or how odd Marmite seems to everyone who isn’t English. A Chinese friend once asked me in a low voice, “Do you ever eat”–she paused and grimaced–“cereal?” Tom Christensen trying his first chicken’s foot, Guangzhou, 2007Karen Christensen trying her first chicken’s foot, Guangzhou, 2006

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