>Climate change awareness in China

Climate change awareness in China

On Wednesday I attended an all-day forum on climate change in Beijing. The English title was, “Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction:
Responsibility and Competitiveness Forum,” and it was sponsored by World Environment Magazine, a publication of SEPA, the equivalent of the U.S. EPA, and China Electricity Newspaper. I’m including details about the forum below, but want to mention now–as I rush out to a day of meetings in Guangzhou, in southern China–that the question on my mind after Wednesday’s event was about public awareness of the problems we face, and the solutions that are being developed. How do citizens come to be sufficiently concerned to alter what they do, and what they expect from companies and government officials? The media plays a vital role, and I wished I had asked about how magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and online sources contribute to knowledge about environmental issues, and especially climate change, in China.

But that evening Tom was watching CCTV9, the English language channel, and after a weather report about a province that is experiencing temperatures of 34C (94F), the first time the temperature has gone over 30C in March in 99 years, and the reporter added, “Experts believe this is partly due to global warming.” Sounds just like reports at home, doesn’t it? And the day ended with the showing of “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Supporter: Center for Environmental Education and communications of SEPA (CEEC)
China Environmental Awareness Program (CEAP)

Date: Mar 28 (Wednesday), 2007

Venue: Reporting Hall, Sino-Japan Friendship Center for Environmental Protection

13: 00 Opening Ceremony: welcome remarks from distinguished guests
1. Mr. Maurice Strong, Former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
2. Mr. Bai Jiancheng, President and Editor-in-Chief of China Electricity Newspaper

13: 30 Speeches from UNDP, WB, university and enterprises
Host: Mr. Jia Feng, Vice Director of CEEC

Energy Conservation and GHG Emissions Reduction & Realization of the National 11th Five-year Plan
-Jiang Jiasi,(C. S. Kiang) Chairman of the Environmental Fund, Peking University
Promoting Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Development in China
-He Ping, Program officer in the division of Environment and Energy of UNDP in China

Business Opportunity for China Carbon Finance
- Andres Liethenthal, Sino-Mongolia National Coordinator, Department of Environmental and Social Development, World Bank Beijing Office
Energy Conservation & Corporate Competitiveness of Steel Enterprises
-Representative from Arcelor Mittal

Q & A 25 min

Coffee Break: 15 min

16:10 Speeches continued

Seize Opportunities Created by the Kyoto Protocol and Promote Renewable Energy Projects
-Tang Renhu, China Datang Corporation—China National Water Resources & Electric Power materials & Equipment Co. Ltd.

Sustainable Development Action and Efficiency
-Zhang Jiping from Johnson Controls, Inc

Clean Development Strategy of Enterprises & CDM
-Representative from Lubei Chemistry (TBC)

Cleaner Production in Coal System & CDM Mechanism
-Wen Huashi, Vice General-manager, Shanxi Jincheng Coal Group

How Can Automobile Enterprises to Deal with Climate Change
-Representative from PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN

Q & A 20 min

18: 00 Dinner

19:00 Film Play” Inconvenient Truth”, the best documentary of Oscar

Participants: Altogether about 300 people from main stream media, enterprises from both domestic and international, international organizations, NGOs, universities and research institutes. etc..
Technical Support: simultaneous interpretation, photo and video taking on the spot, shorthand

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