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Time challenges

The first challenge is, of course, a 13-hour time change. I know I won’t feel really myself for at least a week. But it’s nice to think that by the end of the trip I’ll be in really good form–and ready to make a similarly painful transition back to U.S. time. I have friends who seem to travel to China every couple of weeks, at least for brief periods, and that’s daunting. Human beings aren’t really meant to do this.

Second, I have to leave U.S. times here in WordPress, until I synchronize my computer. Otherwise my posts won’t go up for 13 hours. (I usually keep it on home office time, but this may need dto change. I wish computers had a multiple time zone view.)

Planning telephone meetings is also complicated by the way we’re spread around the globe, and I was delighted to discover this tool for working out possible times when one has participants in different time zones: Meeting Planner.

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