>Hearing from readers of the Libraries We Love

Hearing from readers of the Libraries We Love

I love hearing from people about our books. This happens rarely with reference (though we’ve plans underway to do something about that), but it’s no surprise that our new book about libraries is generating some mail:

I know this isn’t a customer service issue but I couldn’t find any other email address. I’ve just finished reading The Libraries We Love and had to tell you it’s magnificent! It’s not just that my beloved Sturgis Library is one of the featured libraries that I say this, either. The photos are beautiful and the writing is crisp, informative and so easy to read – thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks, Karen and David, for having the inspiration to publish this lovely book.

Marilyn Fuller

And in the mail I received a letter from Carl F. Paulsen, a gentleman who was president of the Miami Shores Brockway Library board of directors:

I have just received a copy of your wonderful book, The Libraries We Love. It is a classic example of the perfect cocktail table tome. . . . Thank you for bringing back so many pleasant memories of the 10 years I served on the board.

All this is good counterpoint to the comments I’ve been receiving myself, as I buzz about getting ready for nearly a month in China. One colleague referred to me as a whirling dervish. Last night at a local meeting I was told, perhaps for the first time in my life, that I was “being negative” (usually, I’m told that I am being overly optimistic) when I counselled patience. Another first, now that I think of it, me counselling patience!

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