>Green is sexy–and there’s a pleasant change!

Green is sexy–and there’s a pleasant change!

When I first started working with environmentalists, in London, green was certainly not sexy. Thick woolly sweaters and bowl-shaped haircuts were common, and a general disdain for anything sleek or fit was the order of the day. But times have changed, and when I wrote the Armchair Environmentalist in 2004 I finally included a section on green sex. There’s a serious side to that (birth control and the disposal of contraceptives), but I also proposed, too, that people should have more sex. Along the lines, I suppose, of “Make Love Not War.” Here’s what the London Observer newspaper picked up:

It will come as a relief to the millions of Britons who worry about the environment but aren’t quite sure what to do about it – it is time take off the hair shirt and stop fretting that it’s all a little overwhelming. A new book offers a hopeful ‘three minute-a-day action plan to save the world’. Aimed at busy people, or the simply lazy, The Armchair Environmentalist is based on the theory ‘if we all do a little, it adds up to a lot’. . . .the book does contain suggestions far beyond the three-minute comfort zone, including turning your garden organic or moving to a smaller house. ‘There is a time to get out of our armchairs,’ said Christensen.

And if none of the above appeals, number seven in Christensen’s top 10 from the book is: ‘Have more sex. It’s a natural, free, low-tech form of recreation and a good form of exercise.’

A word of warning though: ‘If you use a condom make sure you put it in the dustbin, not down the loo.’

So it was a pleasure yesterday to see that the Armchair Environmentalist is the book pick of the month at a website called Green Is Sexy. At yoga this morning there was laughter when one of the guys said something about how “the sap is rising.” It’s in the air, even here in the Berkshires.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.


  1. Stan Webb 12 May 2007 at 15:08

    Your link to Green Is Sexy is broken?

  2. Karen Christensen 13 May 2007 at 14:50

    Link fixed now–sorry about that. a “wp/” crept in.

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