>Our first blogging editor

Our first blogging editor

I went to Alex Soojung-Kim Pang’s blog just now to see if he was online. Alex is editing the Berkshire Encyclopedia of the 21st Century, while, goddess help me, I’ve been drawn back into encyclopedia publishing with our Encyclopedia of Sustainability, and I am already relearning some of the tricks of the trade, and figuring out new ones because I really and truly have too much on my plate. Lo and behold, our first blogging editor has already written about the glory days of an encyclopedia launch, when the first invitations go out. But he’s removed the various IM notices he used to have on his blog, so I can’t snag him for a quick word as easily as I hoped. (But if you want to see every other social media gizmo of the moment, his blog is a fairly good place to start. He’s even got his music up there. Hey, Alex, where are the books? I’ll add a comment here if he figures out that I have blogged about him. That’s interaction, in the blogosphere.)

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