>Oscar afterthoughts

Oscar afterthoughts

How telling that I wrote yesterday about old books–the popular culture of the past–and didn’t realize that it was the day of the Academy Awards. The real irony is that I actually knew someone this year who was at the ceremony, as a co-producer of a nominated film. Aliza Kaplan is a lawyer in New York whose heart is in the Berkshires. She does some teaching at the Yoga5 and has even introduced me to astanga yoga in New York City, and because we have been playing telephone tag about a book project, I knew the Oscars were coming soon. Her friend’s film, “My Country, My Country,” is about the elections in Iraq and was up against Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” in the documentary category. The list of nominated documentaries is interesting: the environment, Iraq, and religion. Climate change won, and I can’t regret that, but do try to see “My Country, My Country,” too. We’re hoping to have a screening here in Great Barrington soon.

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