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Global literacy: +5-1/2 hours to Mumbai

David and I wrote a book some years back called the Global Village Companion. (Rather cool: here’s its local page in Worldcat, showing the New England libraries with a copy.) The book got good reviews, and we’re thinking of reviving it in some way. The original title was something about “global literacy” and of course I’ve learned a lot since then. That Mumbai is the city previously known as Bombay is fairly basic, but this morning, thinking about adding India to my March-April travel plans, I learned that Mumbai is +5-1/2 GMT. That’s 5-1/2 hours later than Greenwich Mean Time, which is London time, and +10-1/22 hours from where I sit in Great Barrington. I can hear that lovely British Airways cabin chief, “And we suggest you reset your watches now, it’s 10.38pm in Mumbai.”

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