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Alien thoughts

As I was getting into CEO dress this morning, ready to talk about copyright and valuation and acquisitions, I started laughing. My colleagues here don’t realize that I am an author, too, an editor of encyclopedias, and an environmentalist. And an idealist, who really thinks that publishing can and should do good. What came to mind is an old scifi show called “V,” in which lizard aliens invaded the earth by disguising themselves as human beings. I got to wondering if I’m an alien here, disguising myself as a business person. That’s what made me laugh. But Anne Moore said that the global warming issue was Time’s bestseller for 2006, so there must be more people than one might guess, in all walks of life, who realize that we need to think about bigger issues than this quarter’s bottomline.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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