>Cardiff to Chengdu–what global publishing is really like (and the dangers of Skype chat)

Cardiff to Chengdu–what global publishing is really like (and the dangers of Skype chat)

I’m fascinated by coincidence, and was relieved to find out that there are scientists, too, as well as people like Jung, who share this interest. This morning’s example was being online, via Skype and e-mail, with Steve Robson of SubHub, a company based in Cardiff, Wales. Then a Skype call came in (a very peculiar sound that I can’t figure out how to change). Naturally, I assumed it was Steve. Instead, it was YI Yang, a Chinese small business expert I met in Rome and whom I’ve been trying to reach for some time.

The coincidence is that these two guys, on different sides of the planet, were involved in my strangest Skype experience. I was starting a conference call with Steve one morning, while Skyping with various people, and clicked on Call. A man answered and we exchanged the usual questions about mutual well-being and he asked where I was. This seemed a little odd, but I said I was in Massachusetts. “Very good,” he said, “and how is the weather?”

His voice didn’t sound like I remembered Steve’s, but then we’d only met only once. Other people were waiting for the conference call so the extended chitchat surprised me. Finally, I twigged. I looked at the different Skype chat boxes and saw that one was Ben, YI Yang, who must have logged on when I was chatting. I’d clicked Call on the wrong person’s screen, and ended up in China instead of Wales!

Now I’m thinking that I should introduce them.

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