>Feet and football–on the move in Seattle

Feet and football–on the move in Seattle

As I left the hall yesterday I noticed more than one person shambling along, and it wasn’t just the overweight and unfit but people who looked otherwise quite spry. That’s the toll taken by concrete floors and standing still all day. I have been thinking about what could help: next time maybe we’ll pack my wobble board (loaned by sports author Julie Harrell). But my thoughts soon progressed from feet to football, as I saw the crowd gathered in the exhibitors lounge. The score was even broadcast in the exhibit halls, and walking down the street I could hear a radio broadcasting to the crowds outside. What a great example of national connection over sport. Unfortunately, the New England Patriots didn’t come through.

But that was only the beginning of a long and varied evening. Drinks at the Bookstore Bar was my first stop, a chance to meet some of the people I’ll be with in Hong Kong in April at the Fiesole Retreat. I’ll be giving a preconference on doing business in China, and will post the invitation and link in a day or two. On from there to meet David, watch the end of the game, and then meet colleagues for a wonderful dinner down on the piers. I found out that lots of publishing people come from Minnesota–as I do, sort of. (Who knew?)

That went on till 10, which is certainly past my bedtime, but this was the only chance I had to meet a friend here in Seattle and see her studio. An online friend, this is, whom I met through HomeExchange.com, oddly enough, since our bond is now mosaic art. This blog is already disgracefully unbusinesslike so I’m not going to explain how I got involved in doing mosaics, but I mention the visit because it was my first meeting with an online friend. For kids, and people who do online dating I guess, this is an important aspect of life. My daughter’s best friend, for example, is someone she met through a role-playing site. We talked till midnight, looking at her beautiful work, which you can see at Rivenwork Mosaics.

Here are a couple of photographs from yesterday. Our booth, with the awful shiny table skirts that look like old ladies’ undergarments, and our very own Encyclopedia of Leadership being featured as the demo product on Sage’s new eReference platform. I haven’t had time to explore it, and make a comparison with the Gale platform that both Sage and Berkshire currently use to host publications. Online publishing options are a perennial topic here, though I did hear about some reference publishers who still seem surprised and dismayed by the transition from print.

(P.S., You’ll notice that I’m having some problems with fonts and photographs, with this blog running in WordPress and my not having had time to learn to use it properly. Apologies, and please bear with us.)

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