>Only in Seattle

Only in Seattle

I realize I haven’t yet clued you in about the reference to Paris is the last post (yes, indeed, Libraries We Love is going to Paris), but getting enough sleep is a key to surviving ALA. So I thought I’d just share a Seattle moment Liz (Steffey) told me about over dinner at the Dahlia Lounge. She and Marcy (Ross) went to Kinko’s this afternoon to get some invitations and tent cards printed and were helped by a young man who soon explained that he was really a poet. Before long–Berkshire staffers are very affable–they found out that he came from Boston and earned $600 a month from his poetry. amazes me. T. S. Eliot didn’t earn much at all from his poetry for decades. But there’s performance poetry now, apparently.

And, most important, he told them where to go to watch the Patriots game on Sunday. Since David called me at the airport yesterday with the time of the game, to pass to Liz, I guess this is a big deal. Our supper plans are to be arranged around it, and we now have a place to go to watch–though there’ll be debate about who has to stay to mind the booth. (I have a feeling it’s going to be me.)

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