>Trying not to be “soooo 2006”

Trying not to be “soooo 2006”

When I started blogging, almost two years ago now, my charming son Tom commented, “weblogs are so 2002.” Maybe they were, but they seem to be alive and kicking in 2006. But according to blog maven Debbie Weil:

2007 will be the year of the multimedia blogosphere. If you don’t have video, podcasts, photos, screenshots and other visuals on your blog, well then you’re soooo 2006. Not to worry. Adding a YouTube video to your blog is as easy as copy and paste.

I’m not sure I want to add a YouTube video to my blog, or to upload my own videos there after reading about the copyright and licensing issues involved, but I am totally in agreement with Debbie about diversifying our online content.

Of course we’re in the midst of all too many holiday things right now. There’s the usual eating of all too many carbohydrates, of course. Thanks, John, for that great pile of Italian cookies–I’ll feel the macaroons at yoga tomorrow. Liz and I were remarking on how much some of the cookies looked like Chinese moon cakes and almond cookies. But besides the shopping panic and the calendar juggling (how much simpler it is in countries where everything shuts down for two weeks!), we are planning transitions of various kinds. Joe is leaving for the big city, and we’re switching from Movable Type to WordPress for our blogs. And our online publishing plans are taking shape while we pick up steam on the multimedia front, too. I thought, with that in mind, that you might enjoy watching a clip from an interview with William H. McNeill, in which he explains how he came to study world history.

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