>YouTube and genius–not?

YouTube and genius–not?

I wasn’t much impressed by the film Borat (I even felt badly about the portrayal of Kazakhstan, a country that didn’t make a great impression on us in 2001) and it’s got a general thumbs-down in the office. But we all liked the explanation of the U.S. use of “not” at the end of a teasing sentence. That’s what inspired my title to this point, and here’s a good article about social media from Sunday’s New York Times. “2006, Brought to You by You.” Its focus is on the entertainment aspect of social media, and the author, Jon Pareles, points out that, “The promise of all the self-expression online is that genius will reach the public with fewer obstacles, bypassing the entrenched media. The reality is that genius has a bigger junk pile to climb out of than ever, one that requires just as much hustle and ingenuity as the old distribution system.”

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