>A great information page

A great information page

You don’t want to know why I was reading up on how to collect and preserve insects, but you might like to see this fine example of the free information on the Internet. This is a wonderful model, and could of course be turned into a rather handy little booklet, too.

(Well, maybe you do want to know why I was looking at this page. The neighborhood in London where my kids were born is called Camberwell, and there’s a butterfly named for it, the Camberwell Beauty, or Mourning Cloak. I’m making Christmas presents for Tom and Rachel…shhhh…that involve a picture of this butterfly. Lo and behold, David came down from the attic last night with a box I’d entirely forgotten, that contains several insects I found after moving to the States: a huge dragonfly, a cicada, and, yes, a perfect Camberwell Beauty. I’m not planning to do any collecting, but I thought we should mount them for our sitting room, which already houses David’s ethnographic collection.)

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