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Company footwear

I’ve never been a stiletto woman, except for a couple weeks when I was 20, but I’m starting to think of starting a company dress code that requires comfortable shoes. This will mean plenty of disapproval, especially from female colleagues. A couple years ago, I wore sneakers to a conference because I’d hurt my foot, and heard that catty comments were being made. “But I’m a sports publisher and editor,” I said, “surely that’s a good reason.” Not really, according to my colleagues. CEOs are expected to be more conventional.

Then in May I sprained my ankle badly at the SIIA Content Summit and ended up in a wheelchair. No, I wasn’t wearing stilettos when I misstepped, just some nice ordinary ladylike heels. Since then, I’ve been especially careful, and when I have a lot of walking to do, I’m more and more likely to wear a very proper suit with very comfortable hiking shoes. I thought maybe people wouldn’t look down and notice, but no such luck. So if you see me at London Online tomorrow, please be aware that I’m the guinea pig for a new series of women’s sports books–the target reader, in fact, according to our author, Julie Harrell–and therefore have to make sure I’m in shape and fully recovered–ready for the new regime of biking, kayaking, and rock climbing, and even something called longboarding.

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