>My London library

My London library

After a gap of over 15 years, I am now a card-carrying user of a London library, the Holborn Library on Theobalds Road. Because I stay just up the street from where I first worked in London, I’ve been a member of this library before. All my life, one of my first acts after moving has been to join the library. In fact, even as a 14-year-old runaway to a commune in Oregon, I joined the library! (I used a false name then, I’m sure, and have no idea how I fiddled the proof of address, but I definitely did. Thank you, Myrtle Point Public Library.)

The troubles in the UK public library service are being debated at our Good Library Blog, with some wonderful responses from writers, publishers, and people working in libraries. Our hope is that this discussion will lead to long-term change and benefits to the citizens of cities, towns, and rural areas across the UK. In the meantime, I’ll be able to experience the library service here in Camden, and I plan to join the library users group, too. I’ll post some photos after my next visit (I’m stuck into a wonderful Trollope novel, Can You Forgive Her?, thanks to the library.)

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