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The Encyclopedia of Religion, Communication, and Media

If you’ve ever wondered why we decided to start publishing our reference works ourselves, here’s why. The Encyclopedia of Religion, Communication, and Media is one of the last books we’re doing for Routledge. It was David’s idea, and was developed by a great group of scholars led by editor Dan Stout. Routledge did not notify us or Dan that it was in print and we haven’t received so much as an advance copy. What a lack of appreciation for the scholars and authors who create high quality reference, and it’s sadly in keeping with our experience with Routledge. (It took us months to get the contributors to the Encyclopedia of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity their copies.) Besides that, Routledge seems to be selling an online edition of our African and African-American Religions volume, even though they have no e-rights to the first or last three volumes in the series.

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