>A postscript from the Charleston Conference

A postscript from the Charleston Conference

Hey, I was wrong! Scott Plutchak was on a panel about Open Access and was shrewd and insightful and balanced. Curiously, he too used a religious metaphor when talking about people who are OA believers. The key point he made was that the librarian’s responsibility is to use the money s/he’s been allocated to support the work of faculty and students, and too often he sees OA proponents trying to shift the financial burdens to departments and grants, instead of seeing it as rightly remaining with the library. He warns that this attitude could marginalize libraries, and he also too on the question of large vs. small publishers, pointing out that Elsevier (“Evil Seer,” as a listserv post put it recently) would survive OA but that small publishers and academic societies doing important and reasonably priced work might not. I was introduced to Scott in Boston last year by my friend and adviser Mark Danderson, and I’ll be interviewing him about blogging for the piece I’m writing on social media in the library world.

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